Remove NFN dial up

Remove NFN Dial Up

Removing NFN Dial-Up on Windows XP

  2. Single Right-Click on the Naples Free-Net Icon or listing that shows under Dial-Up Connections.  A pop-up menu will come up.  Choose Delete on the menu by Left-Clicking on the word Delete.
  3. Close out Network Connections and go back to the Desktop.  Find the Short-Cut to Naples-Free Net and remove it by a single right-click on the icon and choosing delete with a left-click.
  4. Open up Outlook Express. In the top menu click “Tools” and then “Accounts”.
  5. Highlight any entries for NFN e-mail with a single left click and then click the “Remove” (or Delete) button.
  6. Close out the programs and you’re ready to re-install NFN.


Removing NFN Dial-Up on Windows 98

  1. Open up Dial-up Networking in the “My Computer” icon on your desktop.
  2. Right-click on any Naples Free-Net entries and delete by either clicking the object once with a left mouse click and then pressing the “delete” on your keyboard or by right-clicking your mouse on the object and selecting delete.
  3. Look on your desktop for any Naples Free-Net icons – drag them into the recycle bin or right-click with your mouse on the object and select delete.
  4. Open Outlook Express.
  5. In the top menu open “Tools”, then “Accounts”.
  6. Highlight any entries with your old Naples Free-Net account.
  7. Click “remove” button on the right of the dialog box.

Now you’re ready to re-install your Naples Free-Net with your user id (either nfn00000 or customid – these are only examples – use the user id provided to you) and your Naples Free-Net password.

Make sure to use instructions provided.  If you have lost any of these materials, look under the helpdesk articles under “How to Set-up NFN on your computer” and to refresh your memory about the basic of the Internet read the “Internet Primer” under the helpdesk articles.

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