FTP or upload files onto the NFN server

How to upload your webpage onto the Naples Free-Net server

This example will use a sample e-mail address: nfn00000@naples.net

Your new webpage Internet address that will be located on the Naples Free-Net server will http://www.naples.net/~nfn00000 or http://www.naples/net/~name depending on the type of NFN login id you have. Replace the “nfn00000” or “name” with the NFN id that you were given at the time of registration.

1. The first page of your website should be saved as “index.htm”.

2. Make sure all the pictures, pages, text, etc. that corresponds with your entire website that you have created is in one folder labeled with a name you’ll remember (a good name is simply “Homepage”).

3. Locate a FTP Program. A common one is called WS_FTP and might already be on your computer with or without your knowledge. If not sure click “Start” on your bottom toolbar, then click “Search”, then “Files and Folders”. Type “WS_FTP” without the quotations in the search box. Congrats if it’s there; it’s just one less step for you. If not close that window and click here to download the program – for the simple free version select “WS_FTP LE”

4. Open up your FTP program. Make sure you’re connected to the Naples Free-Net.
(The name of the Naples Free-Net FTP server is: ftp://ftp.naples.net/ )

5. Click “Connect” on the lower left bottom corner of the FTP program screen.

6. In the user id box place your nfn id (for example: nfn00000 or chris) in the box. Also, place your NFN password in the box. In the remote box type “/home/nfn00000/www”. Make sure you don’t type the quotations and you replace “nfn00000” with your NFN id.  This id must be in all lower case.  Also make sure you have “Passive Mode” checked, otherwise you may not see the listing of your transferred files on to the server.

7. Press “OK”

8. Look on the right box where it says “Remote System”. Double click the folder called “www”.

8. Now look on the left box where it says “Local System”. Locate your folder you created that contains your webpage.

9. Double click the folder to have it transferred to the Naples Free-Net server.

10. Volia! You’re done! Now click “Close” in the lower left bottom corner of the FTP program screen. Then click “Exit”.

11. Open up your Internet browser to visit your webpage at http://www.naples.net/~nfn00000. Remember to replace “nfn00000” with your personal NFN id.

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