Nationwide NFN Dialup Access

Dial in to NFN from anywhere in the U.S. for pennies.

Here is a simple and inexpensive way to have your computer dial in to the NFN from almost any telephone connection in the U.S.  Doing the following involves having one of the commonly available prepaid cards that allow long distance telephone calls for around 3 cents a minute.  Using this technique, you will have your computer use your prepaid calling card information to long distance dial the NFN local access number and then you will be able to get your email and surf the web.

1) On your existing NFN Dial In connection, look for the phone number box and click on the “Alternates” button.

2) On the resultant “Alternate Phone Numbers” page, click on the “Add” button.

3) On the resultant “Add Alternate Phone Number” page, type the phone number in the following format:

(800 number calling card)(wait 3 seconds)(calling card ID number)(wait 3 seconds)(2394141474)

which would be typing in something like:


where the “X” is replaced with your calling card 800 number and your calling card ID number.  Each “comma” will cause your modem to pause 1 second.  These directions are specific to Windows XP, but other Windows OS and Mac can be set similarly.

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