DNS Settings

DNS settings

Your computer needs to know what DNS (Domain Name Server) to use for your NFN Dial In Internet connection.  The preferred method is to have this set to “automatic”.  If you have an IP number in your DNS settings that is incorrect, then your computer may not be able to get out on the Internet.  If you have old NFN DNS IP numbers such as “” or “” or “”  set in your DNS settings, it WILL NOT WORK.

The NEW IP addresses to use with your NFN Dial In connection DNS settings IF you cannot use “automatically detect” are:

Preferred (Primary) DNS server address for NFN is:
Alternate (Secondary) DNS server address for NFN is:

To set your Dial In DNS, you need to find the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties window for your NFN Dial In connection.  This setting is several layers deep in your computer settings and the steps to get to it vary with the different versions of Windows.  There are several different ways to get to the same correct screen.  Once you are at this particular window, enter the correct IP numbers.

The following links have detailed instructions for setting the NFN Dial In connection DNS in XP and Vista Windows machines.



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