MAC Outlook Express Setup

MAC Outlook Express Setup

Early versions of the MacIntosh computer came with Outlook Express.  (Later versions use Apple Mail.)  The following screen shots are from Outlook Express version 5.0. Other O.E. versions may look slightly different.

Configuring your NFN account:
Start Outlook Express by clicking the Outlook express icon on the desktop or hard drive.

Click on Tools pull-down menu. Select Accounts.

Click on Mail tab.
Click on the New button and select Mail tab.

Choose the Edit at the top to edit an existing Mail entry, or if no Mail entry is present, an Account Set-up Assistant will open. Choose Configure Manually
The screen below will open. Both the Edit button and the New button bring up the following window.

Use the information below to configure the above fields. Enter the information accordingly. Account name: Name of the account, example “smith”, or nfn00000.
Checkbox: Leave the box checked.
Under Personal Information
Name: Your name as you want it displayed.
E-mail address:
Under Receiving mail:
Account ID: Name of the account, example “smith” or nfn00000
POP server:
Checkbox: Check to save password* (see below)
Under Sending Mail
SMTP sever:

*For example, if your username is smith, then your login name is smith, and your email address is

*If you put a checkmark in the save password checkbox then Outlook Express will automatically put in your e-mail password when checking your e-mail.

Right below the box for SMTP server is a link that says “Click here for advanced sending options.” Click where it says that and a new window will pop-up. Enter the correct account id and password.

Lastly, click OK in the Edit box to save your changes.

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