Virus Prevention Guidelines

Virus Prevention Guidelines

Make sure your computer runs anti-virus software. If not, buy and install it immediately.  Free programs are also available such as:  Free AVG  Free Avira  Free Microsoft Security Essentials

Even if you have Antivirus and AntiSpyware software, it has to be updated regularly, as new viruses and Spyware appear daily. Many products have a feature that will automatically download updates, making it easy to stay protected. Otherwise, periodically download the updates manually.

DO NOT OPEN an e-mail attachment unless you know who sent it. Even then, it’s not totally safe, as a sneaky virus that has infected a friend’s computer can access the e-mail address book, send a message to everyone, and attach itself. To be completely safe, scan the attachment with your anti-virus software before you open it.
NEVER respond to an e-mail asking for your password or other private information.

If you receive a suspicious message, delete it immediately from your In Box. When you delete a message, however, it’s still on your system. Go into the Deleted Mail folder and delete the message again to permanently remove it.

Regularly back-up your files. Should your system become infected, you won’t lose your valuable data.

For more tips on preventing viruses, visit this Microsoft website.

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