NFN Website Hit Counters

NFN Website Hit Counters

Hit Counters are like odometers which run on your page. Every time the page is accessed they increase by one. They are in no way accurate, but they give a general idea about how much “mileage” a page gets. We offer this counter to NFN users for their NFN webpage.

You should already have uploaded your files to your NFN web space and been able to view your webpage.

Fill out this form to request a counter (NFN users ONLY)

Once you have filled out the form, the NFN system will recognize the existence of your counter and be ready to function when the proper code is placed in your web page. 

This is simplified example of what the HTML looks like: 
img= src”″

CRITICAL: The string between ? and ” is called the QUERY_STRING. Make sure there are no carriage returns in the line and no spaces in the QUERY_STRING. Separate the strings with ampersand ( & ). Replace username.dat with your NFN username.dat.

We are using Count v2.5, a counter by Muhammad A Muquit. There are many options available to modify the appearance of your counter. See the NFN Counter Styles and Example Page for some ideas on how you can customize your counter. 
Please keep in mind the following:

Each user may use ONE (1) counter. You may resubmit the counter form at any time, it simply will overwrite the existing counter with a new registered one  Only one counter is available per NFN User ID.

An easy way to get one of these running on your page is cut and paste from the  NFN Counter Styles and Example Page.   All you have to do is change the df=sample.dat string to your username.

This counter will not run unless called from a page residing on Naples Free-Net.


If you run into problems, return and re-read this page or study the example page.  View the help material on the Count v2.5 website.  View the source and check your code…any small error will prevent it from working.

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