AOL User E-mail Suggestions

AOL User E-mail suggestions


AOL & Hotmail provide a button at the bottom of their email panel to press when the AOL or Hotmail user wants to report an incoming message as spam, or unsolicited email. Unfortunately, due to the way they have built their reporting system, the AOL or Hotmail user can easily end up reporting the NFN Mail Server for generating spam when you didn’t mean to!  There is a big difference between deleting an unwanted email and reporting an email as SPAM.
Also, due to the way AOL & Hotmail have set up their system, the domain that gets reported for spam may not even be the original sender, but the last place the email passed through on its way to your AOL/Hotmail mail box.  Obviously that’s a problem, and AOL & Hotmail have not indicated they will ever fix it. The best thing you can do to help is make sure you delete any received mail properly by clicking on the CORRECT delete button.

By using the proper delete mail procedure, you can greatly reduce the number of spam complaints NFN receives from AOL Administration and keep the NFN domain and NFN mail server off their spam “blacklists”.

If a high number of complaints are received originating from a particular NFN User, NFN Administration reserves the right to suspend email for that NFN User. We need to protect our other NFN Users’ ability to send mail to AOL/Hotmail users.  Please contact NFN Administration if you have any complaint about NFN originated emails.  NFN has a zero tolerance for any NFN member abusing our mail service by originating spam emails.

If you report the NFN user as sending spam, AOL/Hotmail may bounce or blacklist all email sent from the NFN mail server

Suggestions for AOL Users to use the “Delete” button

The “Report Spam” and “Delete buttons” are very close together.

AOL Screenshot:

Please only “Delete” email received from NFN users and do not use the “Report Spam”  which will report the particular NFN email as spam to AOL administration.

Suggestions for HOTMAIL Users to use the “Delete” button

The HOTMAIL “Delete” and “Junk” buttons are very close together.

HOTMAIL screen shot :

Please only “Delete” email received at Hotmail and do not use the “Junk” button to remove the NFN orignated email which will report that email as spam to Hotmail administration.

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