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Thunderbird E-Mail

Thunderbird e-mail secured settings allow you to send and receive your Naples Free-Net e-mail on any Internet Service Provider. Whether you switch from dialup or NFN DSL to another high speed Internet provider such as Comcast, NuVu, or Century Link, you can continue to use your NFN e-mail.

NFN server settings

NFN server settings NFN Homepage: Your User name: nfn00000 (replace 00000 with your numbers) or customid Your E-mail Address: or …

Forward NFN e-mail

Forward NFN e-mail If you go north for the summer you may want to have your e-mail forwarded to an e-mail address …

NFN Webmail

NFN Webmail is available to NFN Premium Members.  Note: Webmail is a Premium Member based service.  Standard account users will not be …