NFN Webmail

NFN Webmail is available to NFN Premium Members. 

Note: Webmail is a Premium Member based service.  Standard account users will not be able to access this NFN feature. Read more about the NFN Premium level services here.

What is web based e-mail?

Web based email (WebMail) offers the convenience of reading your e-mails with a web browser so you can access your e-mail when you are away from home using any browser and any internet service.  For instance, in your other home up North, when you are traveling in other countries and find an Internet Cafe, at the office corners on airports, at your friends house, etc. you can check your e-mail.

What would I need to use this service?

  • Only Premium Account holders are eligible to use this service
  • Password you received during registration process from the NFN staff.  It should be printed on your account information. If you don’t know your password anymore, stop by the NFN office and get a new password but you will also need to change it on your computer.
  • Your NFN user name or user id:  for example, if your e-mail address is, your user name is someone

Can I send attachments using the NFN Web Mail?

The NFN Web Mail does allow you to send attachments.  The opening and displaying of received attachments is dependent on the capability/file extension associations setup on your particular computer.


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