NFN Setup Disk for Windows

NFN Setup CD for Windows

The Naples Free-Net set-up CD-Rom for dialup is designed to work with Windows 7, Vista, and Windows XP.  The latest version has a installation file dated 5/10/2010.  Earlier versions will not work on Windows 7 and Vista.    Detailed written instructions for manual installation; i.e., not using a CD-Rom are also available from the NFN Office or on our FAQ pages.

For those with the 2010 CD:  If the label is blue  (the earliest ones handed out in 2010), these  NFN Disks were copied to DVD formatted CD’s.  These CD’s will only read on computers with DVD drives.  If the label is pink or white, these CD’s should work with any type of CD drive.

If you are a registered user of the Naples Free-Net and need a CD-Rom please visit us at our office.  You must know what version of Microsoft Windows you are using (Win 7, Vista, XP) when you use the CD.

If you would like to sign up with the Naples Free-Net please visit us in our office (see the “NFN Helpdesk Hours and Location” on the NFN Main website).  You must be a member in order to install NFN dialup.

You may also visit the Naples Free-Net home page and look for the OnLine New Account sign up application.  Sign up for Premium Accounts are available at this web site.

2008 ERRATA – OUTLOOK EXPRESS WITH NFN DIAL UP CD-ROM (this does not pertain to the 2010 CD’s.)

This applies only to those using Outlook Express as their e-mail program on Windows XP.  The CD-Rom issued in 2008 had an error in Outlook Express.  To correct, do the following:

After Installing NFN, open Outlook Express.  Click Tools/Accounts/. Select the NFN mail account and click Properties.  A screen like this will appear.

Delete the space that appears after the @ sign.  Click Apply. The space should now be closed up and look like the photo below:

After clicking Apply and OK, you are done.

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