Windows 7 E-mail

Using e-mail on Windows 7

One of the changes Microsoft made in Windows 7 was to no longer include Outlook Express or Windows Mail as a software program.   If you purchased Microsoft Office, you may have Microsoft Outlook which is similar to Outlook Express.  If you don’t have Microsoft Office with Microsoft Outlook on your Windows 7 computer, you have several alternatives:

  1. Download currently available free e-mail software programs such as Thunderbird (by Mozilla), Eudora OSE (an open-source edition of the classic features of Eudora with underlying code by Mozilla Thunderbird).  This is best done by those on high speed Internet.  Dial-up users may have to find a public high speed computer to download the program on a memory stick and then copy offline to the personal computer.
  2. If you are a premium member of NFN, use our Webmail feature for your NFN e-mail.
  3. Sign up for an alternative web-based e-mail such as Gmail from Google and if desired, have your NFN e-mail forwarded to your Gmail account.
  4. Use Windows Live Mail which comes with Windows 7.

Windows 7 Live Mail is the latest e-mail client from Microsoft.  If you own a Windows 7 Operating System, you need to use the Help pages offered by Microsoft when you have questions as well as to read other tutorials in learning how to use Windows Live Mail.  You can use your default search engine or “Google” Windows Live Mail + your problem to find help.  Here are some resources to learn how to use Windows Live Mail and common problems:

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