NFN server settings

NFN server settings

—— The Naples Free-Net discontinued Dial-Up Internet access on September 15th, 2018. This does not affect any other NFN services. Dial-Up was an outdated connection method to our servers and was expensive to maintain for the very limited use it saw. If you are an NFN Dial-Up user, and need help transitioning, call the NFN HelpDesk for assistance.

NFN Homepage:

Your User name: nfn00000 (replace 00000 with your numbers) or customid

Your E-mail Address: or

Your Homepage: or

NOTE: The previous are examples only – use the e-mail address assigned to YOU

Internet Access Phone: # 417-1474

Help Line Phone: # 417-1400

Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:

See also “DNS Setting” for specific setup details for Vista and XP.

POP3 Server:

SMTP Server:

FTP Server:

News Server:

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