Outlook Express E-mail Setup

Outlook Express E-mail Setup

Outlook Express is the e-mail program that came with Windows XP and earlier versions of Microsoft Windows.  Windows Mail took the place of Outlook Express in the Vista version of Windows and has similar commands for setting up an e-mail account.

1.     Open Outlook Express
2.     Go to the “tools” tab on the top of screen.
3.     Click “accounts” within the tools tab.
4.     Click “add”, then “mail”.
5.     In the first prompt line called “display name” type your name, such as John Smith.
6.     Click “next”
7.     Type your e-mail address, such as nfn12345@naples.net or johnsmith@naples.net Your e-mail address can be found on your registration and donation record sheet.
8.     Click next.
9.     Your incoming mail server should be a POP3 server.
10.  In the prompt named “incoming mail (POP3, IMAP, or HTTP) server” type “mail.naples.net”
11.  In the prompt named “Outgoing mail (SMTP) server” type “mail.naples.net”
12.  Click next.
13.  In the prompt named “account name” type your account name which is the beginning part of your e-mail address before the @ sign.  For example, nfn12345 or johnsmith.
14.  For the prompt named “password” type the password provided for you at registration.  This is located on your registration and donation record sheet.
15.  Check “remember password”.
16.  Click next.
17.  Click finish.
 You have now set up your Naples Free-Net e-mail account on Outlook Express.

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