Thunderbird E-Mail

Thunderbird e-mail is a free download from Mozilla (the company that produced Firefox, an alternative browser to Internet Explorer or Chrome), and can be downloaded at  Thunderbird is an alternative e-mail program that resides on your computer and from which you can access your downloaded e-mail whether or not you have an Internet connection.  Beginning with Windows 7, Microsoft users were left with few options for e-mail programs on their computers.  Thunderbird is similar to the old Outlook Express, Eudora, and the Vista Windows Mail programs.

Below are screen shots showing settings for using Naples Free-Net e-mail.  These settings are “secured” port settings which means you can use NFN e-mail with any Internet Service Provider, not just the Naples Free-Net.  If you have been on Naples Free-Net dialup, you can switch to Comcast, NuVu, Century Link and other Internet Service Providers and still keep and use your NFN e-mail. 

There is another FAQ on this site,  that discusses in more detail the use of secured port settings.  This FAQ is intended for the most recent versions of Thunderbird e-mail.



 If you are downloading Thunderbird and wish to create a new mail account, the screen shots above will direct you to the new mail account wizard.  If you already are using Thunderbird and wish to check your settings or change them to secured settings, click on view settings and follow the screens below:









You should now be able to send and receive Naples Free-Net e-mail with Thunderbird using any Internet Service Provider.


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